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Wedding Cake Taster Booking

Saturday 15th June 2024

Here you can book your time slot for our next wedding cake taster day. Each taster session is £25 and this will come off the price of your wedding cake* when you go ahead and book your cake with us. If you already have your cake booked with us there is no charge please contact us for your code to check out free of charge. Each taster session is 1 hour long (we have allowed 15-minute buffers between each appointment). Usually, most taster sessions last 30-40 min but we like to allow a little extra in case we get carried away talking all things cake. We will have display cakes and dummy tiers so we can show you various combinations etc and also view our wide selection of cake stands should you wish to add any of these on to your oder. We recommend just 2 people attend the taster to keep the moment special for the coule but should you wish to have any of your bridal party or family members come along you can have smaller servings or may wish to book more cake. the cost of any additiona cake will not come off the price of the main cake. Please check we have your date avaible before booking to avoid dissapointment. 


Our Next Wedding Cake Tasting Session
  • Main cake needs to be over £400 for the taster fee to come off.

  • If you order a postal taster the postage price does not come off the cake.

  • Any additonal tasters also do not come off the main cake price.

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